Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tunis sheep;

 Tunis Sheep is a hornless sheep with white wools that breed in North America(US and Canada). It's usually raised for its meat.

The name indicates its North African origin. Tunis is the capital of Tunisia since 1236.Two years after its independence, the young republic of the United States stared to establish a diplomatic relation with Tunisia. that belongs to what Americans used to call "Barbarian Coast". The coast was controlled by pirates who used to attack commercial vessels. But the young republic of the US had made a deal with the pirates to not attack American vessels sailing in the Mediterranean. 

Tunis Sheep Photo
After the deal, the ruler of Tunis, Hamouda Pasha send a gift to the US president, Thomas Jefferson. A vessel of local sheep.Ten were shipped to US but two survived. They were used on native ewes.........