Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Funs And Memories At Happy Land Dah Dah

Are you searching for a place in Tunis where you can have fun with your kids? Or do you want to have fun like you were a kid again?
Happy Land DahDah gives you the opportunity to spend a lovely time with the whole family. Since its opening in 1995, many families have visited the fun park to spend an afternoon or evening relaxing and enjoying the rides. School holidays and Eid Alfitr (the day that marks the end of Ramadan) mark the highest number of visitors.
The Entrance of DahDah
Tunisia Live recently went to the fun park to enjoy the rides and talk to locals and visitors about why they liked going there.
Anis, a local resident, said that he has liked Dah Dah “since the park’s opening.”
“I often used to come and spend hours with my friends. Now I’m 35-years-old and I come with my wife and my son,” he said.
For Mr. and Mrs. Ben Arbia, a Tunisian couple living in Paris and on holidays in Tunis, visiting Dah Dah brought back happy memories. “We still remember the first time we met here, fourteen years ago when we were in high school,” said Mr Ben Arbia. “Now we live in France but when we visit Tunisia we come to the park and relive the best moments of our lives.”
Although entry to the park is free, tickets must be purchased to enjoy the many games and rides scattered throughout the park. The price of one ticket is one dinar while a booklet of twelve tickets is ten dinars. Each game and ride costs from one to three tickets.
Roller Coaster Dah Dah
Among the most magnificent rides is the Ferris Wheel- worth three tickets. It gives you the opportunity to see the whole city of Tunis including the airport, the mountains, the hills and its huge lake with the islet of Chickly in the middle.
Other rides allow you to live amazing adventures like the dream boat and the roller coaster. They cost between two and three tickets.
Kids have also are able to enjoy the experience. To the left of the entrance is a space dedicated to children. Bouncing games, trampolines and mini bumper car games are available. Some of these games are located in a covered hall, while others are outside.
Restaurants and shops are also available. You can find them in the entrance of the park, and the price of food and drinks is reasonable. For example a cafĂ© direct – a coffee with milk – costs no more than two dinars. Billiards and bowling are also nearby.
Happy Land Dah Dah is situated in the main street of Berges Du Lac and can be reached by taxi that costs around six dinars (from Tunis downtown) or by bus number 28 that drops you off in front of the entrance.
The park is open from 2pm until 10pm and until midnight on Saturdays and during summer.