Sunday, May 20, 2012

Japanese Tour Operators and the Monopoly

Tunisia receives around 10.000 Japanese visitors per year. Several tour operators organize group or individual voyages to Tunisia.. They remain competitive  by reducing prices and improving their quality of service.
Unfortunately, the Japanese Tour Operators are monopolized by one travel agency. This monopoly has created many problems

First, the monopolization of the Tour Operators has made the competition between Japanese Tour Operators incredible. In fact those who pay for expensive tours later find tours at the same quality at lower price, with the same hotels, restaurants and even coaches.
Second, for more than 10 years the company hasn't cooperated with the tourism sector to hire Japanese speaking guides instead of unskilled English speaking guides. Japanese speaking guides have become the least important person, "the weakest link," in the tourism industry with only 5 or 6 Japanese speaking guides all over the 40 years old......